Swarfega Patio & Driveway Cleaner


Swarfega Patio & Driveway Cleaner is a quick and efficient, easy to use cleaner that cleans and sanitises outdoor surfaces, whilst also helping to reduce mould and algae growth.

It can be used manually or through a pressure washer with dual action, a cleaner and sanitiser. It is high foaming for excellent surface coverage and is ideal for use with pressure washing equipment.

Removes – Dirt, grease and grime from all outdoor surfaces. The built in sanitiser is ideal for reducing mould and algae and gives a deep clean and freshens all outdoor areas.

Ready to Use – Without pre-diluting with water for maximum power and convenience.

Only £7.95 plus vat

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Bulldog Landscaping Tools


Bulldog Display Stand

We can now offer the fantastic Bulldog range of landscaping hand tools at competitive prices.

Please contact us or visit our shop for details on our Bulldog landscaping tools.

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Ox Hand Tools and PPE



We are proud to introduce the OX brand of bricklaying, plastering, general hand tools and PPE.


The OX brand is one of the World Leaders when it comes professional tools for the construction industry. OX products are well known for their innovative designs and durability; their products are manufactured to extremely high standards.


An example of this quality and innovativeness can be seen with their bricklaying trowels. Like the Marshalltown trowels, the OX London- and Philadelphia-pattern trowels are solid forged for ultimate strength. A unique feature the OX trowels have, in addition to the Marshalltowns, is a replaceable hard-end handle for tapping in bricks. They are faultlessly balanced and have perfect flexibility. There are not many manufacturers that can compare with the Marshalltown trowels and floats, but we feel confident in the quality of the OX products to suggest you should perhaps try one – you may be pleasantly surprised.


The OX range includes:
Professional brick trowels (London- and Philadelphia-pattern) – trade brick trowels – gauging trowels – pointing trowels – finishing trowels – corner trowels – plasterer’s floats – sponge floats – small tools – aluminium hawks – brick jointers – joint rakers – pliers – sledge hammers – club hammers – cold chisels – bolsters – spirit levels – ear defenders – safety goggles – safety gloves – knee pads – buckets – tubs and lots more!

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