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Gardening / landscaping

Asphalt rake - 16 flat teeth + wooden handle
Tarmac rake - 16 round teeth + wooden handle
Landscape rake - 18-tooth aluminium head + handle
Edging shears with deluxe grip
28" bypass lopping shears
30" Ratchet lopping shears
Edging iron - aluminium handle and T grip
Garden rake - 12 teeth with aluminium shaft
Lawn rake - 20 teeth with aluminium shaft
Dutch hoe with polysuede grip
Rammer/punner - 10lb square head with metal shaft
20oz hand axe - fibre glass handle - Cabinet Maker
Shovel steel shaft
Spade - treaded, digging, wooden shaft
Wooden-handled shuv-holers
Shovel - cable-laying wooden-shaft
Fork - strapped, heavy duty digging
Cable-laying shovel fibreglass shaft
All steel contractors fork
Grubbing mattock 5lb c/w hickory shaft
Mattock 7lb cross chisel c/w hickory shaft
Handle for rubber maul
Rubber maul head
Pickaxe 7lb chisel & point with hickory shaft
Shovel wooden shaft
West country shovel ash handle
Shuvholer fibre glass handles
All steel shuvholer
Strimmer cord metre
Strimmer cord 180 metre roll
Bowsaw 24"
Bahco garden pruning set
Digging fork - Faithfull - fibreglass shaft
Digging spade - Faithfull - fibreglass shaft
Hickory pick handle - hickory - 36"
Leaf rake - Faithfull - fibreglass shaft
Grubbing mattock - 5lb
Felco Model 400 secateurs
West country shovel
Long-handled shovel
Matabi 5l sprayer
Matabi 12.8l knapsack sprayer
Posthole digger 17lb 69in x 1in shank
Rehau impulse spike sprinkler
Bahco bowsaw 21"
Bahco bowsaw 30"
Digging spade - Spear & Jackson shock absorbing
Digging spade - Spear & Jackson
Border spade - Spear & Jackson
Digging fork - Spear & Jackson
Border fork - Spear & Jackson





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