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Rope - 10mm 8m poly
Heavy-duty builder's bags
Masking tape - 25mm x 50m
Masking tape - 50mm x 50m
Gaffer tape - silver 50mm x 50m
Dustsheet 12' X 9' rayon
Dustsheet 12' X 9' heavy twill
Dustsheet 24' x 3' light-duty
Dustsheet 24' X 3' heavy twill
PVC tape ( insulating ) 19mm X 20m
Fencing pins
Red/white bunting 85ft
Jerrican 20l WD style
5 litre unleaded petrol can
Heavy-duty canvas bag
Ladder clamp with two padlocks
Ladder footing (large)
Laddermat - 4-piece set
Orange medium duty mesh barrier fencing 50m roll
Electric cable underground warning tape
6mm poly rope per metre
Pack rubble sacks
Rock salt 25kg bag
Zebra tape 500m X 75mm black/yellow
Zebra tape 500m X 75mm red/white
Red/White 50mm X 33m self adhesive hazard tape
Trestle pin
Concrete block
Fence coupler
GS7 anti climb HD 3.5 metre fence panel
GS7 anti climb 3.5 metre std fence panel
Rubber block
4.5 X 3.6 metre Reinf plastic tarpaulin
6.6 X 5.1metre Reinf plastic tarpaulin
6.0 X 4.0 metre Monarflex super tarp green
8.0 X 4.0 metre Monarflex super green tarpaulin
Braces - carpenter
Braces - electrician
Braces - gardener
Braces - hand tool
Braces - painter
Braces - Plumber
Braces - tape measure
De-icer spray 500ml Decosol
3-in-1 oil 100ml can
Superglue 3g
Loctite Super Glue 10g bottle
WD40 400ml spray can





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