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Hand tools - building

Scraper - 50mm (2") Sandvic wood-type
Trowel - external corner 100mm x 125mm
Trowel - notched square deluxe 7mm teeth
Tile cutter - professional 460mm
Trowel - budget finishing 280mm x 130mm
Spatula - drywall 6"
Tile cutter - metal-frame blue 350mm
Mixer - blue heavy-duty screw-end 600mm
Tile saw - red-handled, extra deep 150mm
Mixer - silver heavy duty for drill 760mm
Mastic gun - 400ml
Stanley knife blades (100)
3 Gallon black plastic bucket
Black rubbatex builders bucket
3 Gallon yellow plastic bucket
Bush hammer head
Churn Brush
TCT Planer slip set
Site square
10lb Sledgehammer with hickory handle
Van Safe
3.25mm Arc welding rod
Worktop bolt
Zip Wall dust control props
Toolbox medium - Nou Magnum Plus 47 x 26 x 30cm
Toolbox large - Nou Top Cart 65 x 28 x 32cm
Grease gun - professional heavy-duty
55 piece general tool set
5-metre tape
8-metre tape
10-metre tape
16oz Claw hammer fibreglass handle
9" Torpedo level
48" builder level
1kg Club hammer fibreglass handle
2kg Club hammer fibreglass handle
MSG425 Sealant gun
30 piece Allen key set
18" Crowbar
24" Crowbar
12" Adjustable wrench
Waterpump pliers
3 Piece diamond whetstone set
3 Piece Hex/Torx allen key set
7lb Fibreglass shaft sledgehammer
10lb Fibreglass shaft sledgehammer
14lb Fibreglass shaft sledgehammer
6-piece chisel set - Cabinet Maker
4-piece professional chisel set with oilstone
Powermaster laser level kit
Medium duty masonry saw 700mm X 17 teeth
Masonary saw - 17 tooth for lightweight blocks
Masonary saw - 34 tooth for lightweight blocks
20" hand masonry saw TCT
Combination plier
Diagonal plier
Long nose plier
Two pin spanner
50 metre surveyors tape
Arrow T50 stapler
Bahco adjustable wrench 32mm capacity
Bahco 8" adjustable wrench
Muck bucket 39-litre black
Muck bucket 69-litre black
Dewalt screwdriver bit set
Urethane float 11"
Estwing 20oz claw hammer
Estwing EWF21 21oz hammer
10in x 1in Faithfull cold chisel
10" x 3/4" Faithfull cold chisel
12" x 1" Faithfull cold chisel
12" x 3/4" Faithfull cold chisel
Orange polyethylene ranging line 30m
6" x 1/2" Faithfull cold chisel
8" x 1" Faithfull cold chisel
Serrated plastering trowel
8" x 3/4" Faithfull cold chisel
Adjustable spanner 200mm
3" Faithfull brick bolster
4" Faithfull brick bolster
Faithfull claw hammer 20oz
2" dome-head chasing chisel
Centre punch
Chippy pencil - soft
Blue chalk powder
Chippy pencil - hard
Chippy pencil - medium
Red chalk powder
Double scutch hammer - hickory shaft
Electrician's chisel 2 1/4"
Fluted plugging chisel - Faithfull
Plugging chisel with grip - Faithfull
Faithfull hickory-handled 2.5lb club hammer
Faithfull hickory-handled 4lb club hammer
8-piece hex key set metric
Faithfull hacksaw blades 12" x 24 (2)
Hammer wedges size 2
Hammer wedges size 3
Hammer wedges size 4
Mortar and masonary router
100mm mixing paddle
80mm mixing paddle
Nail punch
Faithfull mill-finish alloy 12in hawk
Faithfull plastic 13in hawk
Marking guage
Sliding bevel
Scutch comb holder - Faithfull
Single scutch hammer - hickory shaft
8" tin snips
Faithfull blue chisel set (3-piece)
1200cm level
60cm level
90cm level
Footprint line pin
Footprint 2.1/2lb club hammer and 3" bolster
Footprint 3" brick bolster
Footprint 4" brick bolster
Line pins - x 2 Footprint
Footprint padsaw handle with 10" blade
Combination square
14-piece metric combination spanner set
Bahco 319 hacksaw
10" hand saw
880 Plus hand saw 20"
990 Plus hand saw 22"
2.5lb club hammer
4lb club hammer
9-piece metric spanner set and roll
Lufkin 5m/16' measuring tape
Lufkin 30m tape measure
Marples splitproof chisel set (6-piece)
Gorilla tub 26 litre
Gorilla tub 42 litre
Pointing & grouting gun
Marshalltown 11" wood-handled brick trowel
Marshalltown 11" brick trowel - Durasoft
Marshalltown hardwood line blocks (2)
Marshalltown plastic line blocks (2)
Medium cotton chalk line 18m
Medium nylon chalk line 18m
Priory double-ended scaffold spanner
Quick Grip 2" handy clamp
Quick Grip 4" handy clamp
Ragni plasterer's trowel 11in - black-handled
11" brick trowel
6" pointing trowel
7" gauging trowel
30m surveyor's tape
File - bastard, rasp, double second cut
File - bastard, double/single cut
12" hacksaw
Bow saw blade 24"
Bahco junior hacksaw
14" hand saw
Bahco 424p 10mm wood chisel
Bahco 424p 12mm wood chisel
Bahco 424p 18mm wood chisel
Bahco 424p 25mm wood chisel
Bahco 424p 32mm wood chisel
Bahco 424p 6mm wood chisel
6" pointing trowel
10" brick trowel - soft-feel handle
Engineer's pliers
Diagonal cutting pliers
Long-nose pliers
Padsaw 275mm
Hacksaw 12"
Coping saw 315mm
Hacksaw blades 2-pack 24"
Coping saw blade 1 TPI 10-pack
Stanley wood saw blade
Stanley hacksaw blade
Short level - Stabila
30m chalk line reel
Stanley 6-piece screwdriver set
Stabila 3 box-section level 800mm
Stanley claw hammer 20oz
Stanley organiser - deep
Stanley organiser - 9 compartments
6ft level set
Stabila 4ft 70-2 level set
250mm scaffolder's level
Stabila magnetic level and holster
Stabila distance estimator
Strait Line Sonic Measure
Thor rubber mallet
Black rubber mallet
Locking plier - 10in with soft-grip handle
Rodsaw blade 12"
Tile saw spare blade
Junior tilesaw
25W soldering iron
Wolfcraft 150mm Power Clamp
Wolfcraft 450mm Power Cramp





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