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Lighting / electrical

Dorman flashing beacon - light-switched
Dorman skip bracket for beacon
6 volt battery
Bulb (for Worksafe 14.4v )
110V 100W ES light bulb
240V 100W BC 4-pack light bulb
110V 60W BC light bulb
110V 60W ES light bulb
240V 60W BC light bulb
Duracell 9v K1M3 Ultra battery
Duracell AAA K4P alkaline battery (4 pack)
Duracell AA K4P alkaline battery (4 pack)
Duracell C K4P alkaline battery (4 pack)
Duracell D K4P alkaline battery (4 pack)
110v 300w halogen filament
240v 300w halogen filament
110v 500w halogen filament
240v 500w halogen filament
14 metre 110v 1.5mm extension lead
14 metre 110v 2.5mm extension lead
14 metre 240v 1.5mm extension lead
12m 240v extension cassette MSTLCA12134R
25m 110v extension reel - heavy duty
30m 240v extension reel - heavy duty - 4 outlets
20m 240v cassette ext reel - 4 outlets MSTHB20134R
20m 240v cassette ext reel - 4 outlet with RCD
50m 240v extension reel - 4 outlets MSTHDCR50134
Motorola two-way radio c/w batteries and charger
240v 13 amp plug
240v 13 amp trailing socket
240v 16 amp plug
240v 16 amp socket
110v 16 amp plug
110v 16 amp socket
110v 32 amp plug
Residual current device ( RCD )
110 volt 4 way splitter box c/w 10 metre cable
110V halogen lamp - just head without stand
Power beam torch 6 volt ( battery not included )
3300va Transformer
Brite Power rubber torch 2D
Torch - 6v krypton Brite Power
500W 240V halogen floor-standing floodlight
500W 110v halogen floor-standing floodlights
500W 240v single halogen floodlight with stand
500W 110v single halogen floodlight with stand
Joel 16W Flexlight working light
Masterplug Powercut RCD adaptor





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